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Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Powdermill Avian Research Center

Banding Workshops will be offered in May of 2017. See here for more information.

Bird Banding, Bioacoustical Research, Flight Tunnel Analysis, and more.

Powdermill Avian Research Center (PARC) is part of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s biological research station Powdermill Nature Reserve.  PARC operates a bird banding station, conducts bioacoustical research, and performs flight tunnel analysis with the goal of reducing window collisions.  Visit our Bird Banding page to learn more about these and additional avian research efforts underway at PARC.  Above all else, the well being of every bird is our top priority at all times!

Our Banding Summaries page presents up-to-date bird banding summaries utilizing a dynamic, database driven system which is the first of its kind in the field.  Researchers interested in fuller access to banding data should Contact PARC for more information.

Located in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the PARC facility and its 10-hectares of fields, hedgerows, ponds, wetlands, and streams offer a unique opportunity for research partnerships.  Graduate students and field researchers find exciting opportunities at PARC in a variety of areas related to our woodland setting.  Additionally, volunteers and interns have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge of avian research by committing to a summer of assisting in PARC’s bird banding efforts.

Powdermill Nature Reserve aerial viewWith more than 50 years experience, and having surpassed a milestone of 500,000 birds banded in 2001, PARC is uniquely situated to capitalize on its bird capture techniques.  Birds studied through our banding program may also be utilized for bioacoustical, window avoidance, telemetry studies and more, all while handling these species in a gentle and humane manner.  In this way PARC contributes both to our knowledge of migrating species and to their enhanced survival as well. 
Visit our History of PARC page for more information.


Powdermill Nature Reserve

Located in Rector, Westmoreland County Powdermill was established in 1956 and is Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s biological research station and nature education center.  Powdermill sustains and protects a variety of natural habitats where researchers and educators study ecological processes.  It is also home to one of the longest continually running avian research stations in the United States. Visitors of all ages come to gain a greater knowledge about the natural world through innovative and exciting education programs and exhibitions. 

For visiting hours and directions to Powdermill Nature Reserve and PARC, please visit the Powdermill Web site at


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