Belted Kingfisher flying over Powdermill

Fall 2009

Banding Notes and
Pictorial Highlights

August - September 2009




On September 26th, a flock of about 25 birds (mainly warblers, and a few vireos) were caught in a single net.





  • These Black-throated Green Warblers also illustrate the different molt strategies found in after-hatch-year versus hatch-year birds. An A1 molt limit (somewhat difficult to see in the photo) is seen in the hatch year bird (top) - this incomplete molt strategy (replaced A1 but retained A2, A3, and primary coverts) allows banders to age many species throughout the year. An absence of any molt limit can be seen in the adult wing (below), reflecting the complete feather replacement strategy found in most adults.



  • Fall 2009 banding staff: Andrew Vitz, Mary Shidel, Jeff Moker, Tara McAllister, Alice Van Zoeren, Bob Leberman

Visiting banders and volunteers: David Hodkinson, Ian Ausprey, Marja Bakermans (and Boden Vitz), Bob Vitz, Marcia Arland, Janet Van Zoeren. Not pictured: Ellen McCallie, Cokie Lindsay, Jeff Territo, Molly McDermott, Annie Lindsay, Julie Zeyzus, and Mack Frantz.


Last Updated on 10/13/09
By Tara McAllister, Jeff Moker, Alice Van Zoeren, and Andrew Vitz