Powdermill Nature Reserve
Summer 2004

"baby" pictures


Eastern Towhee - Hatch year (HY) female

banded 07-18-04


Cedar Waxwing - Hatch year (HY) unknown

banded 07-14-04


Black-throated Green Warbler - Hatch year (HY) female

banded 07-13-04


Northern Rough-winged Swallow - Hatch year (HY) female

banded 07-13-04


Yellow Warbler - Local (L) unknown

banded 07-11-04


Black and White Warbler - Local (L) unknown

banded 07-10-04


Common Yellowthroat - "a not so fuzzy" Hatch year (HY) unknown
looking surprisingly like a Mourning Warbler with the yellow breast feathers giving a hooded appearance

banded 07-06-04


Louisiana Waterthrush - Local (L) unknown

banded 07-03-04


Gray Catbird -  Local (L) unknown

banded 06-22-04


American Redstart -  Hatch year (HY) unknown

banded 06-22-04
notice the prominent rictal bristles (whisker-like feathers around the bill)


White-eyed Vireo - Local (L) unknown

banded 06-20-04


Common Yellowthroat -  Local (L) unknown

banded 06-20-04


American Redstart -  Hatch year (HY) unknown

banded 06-20-04


Indigo Bunting -  Local (L) unknown

banded 06-20-04


Northern Cardinal -  Local (L) unknown

banded 06-18-04

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Last Updated on 7/23/04
By Adrienne J. Leppold