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Pictorial Highlights, 2007

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2007 Winter Northern Mockingbird (HY U); Hermit Thrush (HY U); Evening Grosbeak (on feeding table)
2007 November Beginner Bander Workshop; Fox Sparrow (record total); Fox Sparrow (molt limit); Northern Saw-whet Owls; Banding a Saw-whet Owl; Red-breasted Nuthatch (HY male); American Goldfinches (partial amelanism); Dark-eyed Junco and White-throated Sparrow with abnormal coloration; Rusty Blackbird (AHY and HY males); Rusty Blackbird (tail with retained juvenal retrix); Evening Grosbeaks; Evening Grosbeak (ASY F); Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (HY male and female); Eastern Bluebirds (AHY and HY males and HY female); Rufous Hummingbirds in western PA; Rufous Hummingbird (HY female tail)
2007 October Cardinal Flower, Magnolia Warbler (adult female late date); Magnolia Warbler and Blackpoll Warbler (close up of large fat reserves); Purple Finch (juvenal plumage); American Goldfinch (late molting); Marsh Wren (HY); "Yellow" Palm Warbler; Black-throated Green Warbler (adult male); Golden-crowned Kinglet (adult male), Yellow-rumped Warbler (D.c. hooverii); Pine Siskin; White-crowned Sparrow (HY/AHY comparison); White-throated Sparrow (white stripe/tan stripe comparison); Fox Sparrow; Common Grackle (iridescence, "Ridgeway's" discussion); Rusty Blackbird (HY female comparison); Brown Thrasher (HY/AHY eye color comparison); Sharp-shinned Hawk (HY male); Northern Saw-whet Owl; American Coot and Least Bittern (foot quiz and close ups); Long-eared Bat
2007 September Cape May Warbler (adult male); Sora (HY); Belted Kingfisher (adult female); Golden-winged Warbler (HY male), Yellow-breasted Chat (HY female); Sharp-shinned Hawk (HY male); late Yellow Warbler (AHY male, poss. D.p. rubignosa); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (3 birds: interesting underwing plumage, poss. RBGR x Black-headed Grosbeak hybrid, unusually melanistic plumage); Blue-winged Warbler (adult male); Hooded Wabler (adult female/HY male comparison); American Redstart (adult male); Advanced Bander Workshop; American Woodcock (HY male in camoflage); Yellow-billed Cuckoo and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (immature/HY); Mourning Warbler (adult tail with fault bar); Hairy Woodpecker (HY female); Red-breasted Nuthatch (AHY female)
2007 August Gray Catbird (juvenile - unpreened tail); Common Yellowthroat and House Wren (juveniles); Prairie Warbler (HY male); Late Louisiana Waterthrush, Canada Warbler (HY male/AHY female comparison); Blackburnian Warbler (HY female and male); Hooded Warbler (HY female, extensive hood); Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; Traill's Flycatcher (adult molt); Nashville Warbler (adult male in molt); Black-billed Cuckoo (caterpillar meal); David Holmes visit; Rose-breasted Grosbeak (SY female in molt); Emmanuel Sankoro visit; Wilson's Warbler (AHY/HY male comparison, head and wing differences)
2007 July Red-eyed Vireo (local juvenile); Barn Swallow and Tree Swallow (juveniles, head on comparison); fuzzy bird bottom quiz; Brown Thrasher (juvenile); Eastern Towhee (HY male); Baby Pictures (Tufted Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, American Robin, Veery, and Wood Thrush); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (pollen forehead); Gray Catbird (HY, red ants on tail); Worm-eating Warbler (SY male); Orchard Oriole (HY male); Cooper's Hawk feather; summer camp kids, Indigo Bunting (worn tail); American Redstart (SY/AHY male molt comparison); Chestnut-sided Warbler (molting SY females); Northern Parula (SY male, wing molt limit); Swainson's Thrush (wing molt); Black-throated Green Warbler (SY/HY male comparison); Magnolia Warbler (SY/HY female comparison); Blackburnian Warbler (HY male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (HY male); Canada Warbler (HY female), Tribute to Ken Parkes
2007 June Red-winged Blackbird (juvenile); House Sparrow (juvenile); Éamon de Buitlèar visit, Magnolia Warbler (SY male ASY female comparison); Indigo Bunting (adult female); Ovenbird (adult male); Phipps feather art class; Juvenile Caroline Wren, Yellow Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush, student research (Danilo and Maria, Mike Allen); Scarlet Tanager (ASY, SY, HY male comparison); Gray Catbird (juvenile); Yellow Warbler (adult wing molt); Black-and-white Warbler (adult male); American Redstart (SY male); Veery (SY male); Cedar Waxwing (orange belly feathers), Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (SY with eccentric wing molt); House Finch (HY); Kentucky Warbler (ASY male fresh plumage); Black-throated Green Warbler (SY female with worn plumage); Blue-winged Warbler (SY female bill prying adaptation); American Redstart (SY male rictal bristles foraging adaptation); probable Alder and Willow Flycatcher comparison; American Goldfinch (SY female with dark cap, compared to adult male); Pileated Woodpecker; Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male torpor)
2007 Late May Cedar Waxwing (orange and waxy tail comparisons); American Goldfinch (comparison of greater covert molt); Wilson's Warbler and American Goldfinch (side-by-side males); American Goldfinch (dandelion "latex" on bill); Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (SY); Philadelphia and Red-eyed Vireo (comparison); White-eyed Vireo (egg); Lincoln's Sparrow (SY); Scarlet Tanager and Indigo Bunting (SY females with eccentric wing molt); Canada Warbler (SY male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (SY female); Mourning Warbler (pair); Indigo Bunting (ASY male); Eastern Bluebird (ASY male); Eastern Wood-Pewee; Spotted Sandpiper (SY female spread wing); Indigo Bunting (ASY male); Scarlet Tanager (ASY male); Northern Parula (ASY male); bright Magnolia Warbler (SY male); Yellow Warbler (ASY male with orange crown); American Goldfinch (dark ASY female); Philadelphia Vireo (SY)
2007 Early May Blackpoll Warbler (SY male, ASY female comparison); Gray-cheeked and Swainson's Thrush comparison; Grasshopper Sparrow; Yellow-breasted Chat (SY female; wing); Mourning Warbler (ASY female with some black in throat); Comparison of adult (ASY) male Golden-winged, "Brewster's," and Blue-winged warblers; Orange-crowned Warbler (ASY female); Canada Warbler (ASY male); Orchard Oriole (ASY female); White-crowned Sparrow (dandelion "latex" on bill); Savannah Sparrow (SY, spread wing); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (ASY male; ASY female spread wing with male-like replacement greater coverts)
2007 Early Spring Not a "White-winged" Dark-eyed Junco; male House Sparrow and Brown-headed Cowbird; Sharp-shinned Hawk (SY male); bright and dull morph White-throated Sparrow; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (ASY female); Prairie Warbler (SY male); Black-throated Green Warbler (ASY male); Northern Waterthrush (possible "large-billed" race); Warbling Vireo; Marsh Wren; Winter Wren; White-crowned Sparrow; Rusty Blackbird (female); White-eyed Vireo; Hooded Warbler (ASY male); "Brewster's" Warbler (ASY male)

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