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Pictorial Highlights, Winter - Early Spring 2011

January - April 2011

Northern Cardinal Male Northern Cardinal in the snow.
American Tree Sparrow American Tree Sparrow
Yellow-rumped Warbler An unusual but exciting February capture: Yellow-rumped Warbler
Early spring boardwalk repairs in the net lanes.
bobcat tracks Tracks of the ever elusive bobcat all around the banding area.
The bobcat caught on file using a motion camera along one of the net lanes.
white-footed mice The camera trap also captured 2 white-footed mice.
racoon track Raccoon print in the mud.
yellow-rumped warbler A Yellow-rumped Warbler in March.
red-spotted newt One of the many red-spotted newts enjoying the wet spring at PARC.
chipping sparrow An early spring capture of a Chipping Sparrow.
golden-crowned kinglet Male Golden-crowned Kinglet.
fox sparrow Fox Sparrow moving North in March.
belted kingfisher A Belted Kingfisher returns.
purple finches A splash of color after a dull winter.  Two ASY male Purple Finches.
pufi One of the 30 Purple Finches banded in April.
blja An ASY Blue Jay.  This bird can be aged as an ASY by the lack of a molt limit and the prominent black barring across its primary coverts.
An adult male Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Notice the red barring across the chest of this bird.
An aberrant plumaged Dark-eyed Junco. Notice the white throat and cheek patch.
Rushing waters at a nearby state park: Linn Run.

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