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Powdermill Avian Research Center News

Pledge 2 Fledge

Join Powdermill’s bird banding team for Pledge 2 Fledge Family Day! Drop in from 7:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. to get an up-close look at some feathered friends at the bird banding lab. Learn about how banding data is used to inform conservation efforts. Collect and band plush birds in our family-friendly activity—and don’t forget to record your data! Free. 

Pledge 2 Fledge Family Day is part of Global Birding Initiative’s Pledge 2 Fledge Campaign: SEE birds. SHARE birds. SAVE birds.

The banding lab is located north of the nature center 1/4 mile on the right. Look for the Powdermill Feather Flag (Ruffed Grouse) and the green road sign labeled "PARC Place". For directions and information about Powdermill Nature reserve visit: and click on “Plan Your Visit”.

BirdSafe Pittsburgh

Our citizen science project, BirdSafe Pittsburgh, recently launched a new website. With the help of the public we are recording instances of bird injuries or fatalities from building collisions in the city. Our volunteers help rescue injured birds and collect data which will allow us to reduce bird-building collisions in the future. 

This Fall, volunteers spent 195.5 hours looking for birds that had collided with windows in the Golden Triangle area of downtown Pittsburgh. A grand total of 164 birds from 45 different species were found, 115 dead and 49 live. The top five birds found were Ovenbird (23), White-throated Sparrow (16), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (10), Common Yellowthroat (9), and Tennessee Warbler (8). 

If you are interested in walking a route or surveying your home, don't hesitate to contact us at You can also find out more information about BirdSafe Pittsburgh on Facebook

You Can Help...

If you would like to support the avian research conducted at Powdermill, why not consider our Adopt A Bird Band program. Adoptions also make great gifts for bird lovers, budding naturalists and conservation enthusiasts.




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