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Backfield Nets

13 Nets total, in 7 sets of one-four nets.

These nets are situated east of Crisp Pond.  The majority of the nets (Nets 1-8, & 13) are in upland situations, specifically, late successional old field habitat with scattered taller trees.  This area is maintained at a the mature shrub and low sapling stage by periodic cutting of taller trees.  Immediately to the south of the Back Field Nets is an extensive area of mature second growth deciduous forest.

Dominant shrub species in the upland sites within the Back Field Net area include multiflora rose, Morrow's honeysuckle, blackhaw viburnum, autumn olive, gray-stemmed dogwood; characteristic trees include hawthorn, ash, red maple, black cherry, wild crabapple, and flowering dogwood.

Nets 9-12 are situated within or at the edge of seasonally flooded shrub wetland habitats that are dominated by willow, blackhaw viburnum, and silky dogwood (note boardwalks associated with these nets in the photos below).

Eastern Edge of Crisp Pond

Back Field Nets are in the area to the right of  the pond in this photo
Back Field Nets 1 & 2 Back Field Nets 1 & 2
Back Field Nets 3,  4,  5, &  6 Back Field Nets 3, 4, 5 & 6

Net 3 closest, Net 4 to the right, Net 5 farthest, Net 6 to the left
Back Field Nets 3-6 Another view of Back Field Nets 3-6

Looking from Net 6; end pole for  Net 4 is at the edge of an  extensive tract of  mature forest.
Back Field Nets 7-8 Back Field Nets 7 & 8
Back Field Nets 7-8 Another view of  Back Field Nets 7 & 8 (looking from Net 8)
Back Field Net 9 Back Field Net 9
Back Field Nets 10-11 Back Field Nets 10 & 11
Back Field Nets 10-11 Another view of Back Field Nets 10 & 11
Back Field Nets 12 Back Field Net 12
Back Field Net 13 Back Field Net 13


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