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Pond Nets

22 nets total, in ten sets of one to three and a half nets

The Pond Nets take advantage of edges and wet areas associated with the construction at Powdermill of a variety of small marshy ponds, beginning in the early 1960s (Crisp Pond was the first of these, is the largest--about 0.5 hectares--and has the most open water).  The majority of nets in this set are within or in close proximity to wetlands of various kinds.  As a result, dominant shrubs include willows, alders, and silky dogwood, but a variety of invasive upland species also are frequent in this area, including honeysuckle and multiflora rose.  In addition, Pond Nets 13 & 14 and 15-18 extend to the very edge of extensive mature deciduous forest.

A view of Crisp Pond A view of Crisp Pond
Pond Net 1  Pond Net 1

This net is directly across  from the Banding Lab and extends to the  bank of Crisp Pond.
Pond Nets 2 & 3 Pond Nets 2 & 3

These nets are set on the dike of Alder Pond.
Pond Nets 2 & 3 Another view of  Pond Nets 2 & 3
Pond Net 4 Pond Net 4

Set on the bank between Crisp (at the bottom of the photo) and Alder ponds, this net is open to both sides.
Pond Net 4, looking toward Alder Pond Another view of Pond Net 4

Looking toward Alder Pond.

Pond Net 4 is in a good position  for catching waterbirds, and, consequently, this is the only  net location where we sometimes use a 61mm mesh net.
Pond Nets 5 & 6 Pond Nets 5 & 6
Pond Net 7 Pond Net 7 

Extends to the southern edge  of Alder Pond.
Pond Nets 8,9, 10 Pond Nets 8, 9, & 10

Edge of Plover Pool and an alder-dominated riparian thicket.
Pond Nets 11 and 12 Pond Nets 11 & 12 

Set across the bank between  Plover Pool, on the left, and Heron Pond, on the right.
Pond Nets 13 &14 Pond Nets 13 & 14

Managed forest edge habitat dominated by shrubs like alder and willow, at the far end of Net 14, and grape, multiflora rose, and silky dogwood; invading trees are mostly black locust and ash.
Pond Nets 15-18 Pond Nets 15, 16, 17, & 18

Like the previous net set,  this net lane is situated within  an extensively managed  upland forest edge habitat.

Net 18, the far net, is  a half-length, i.e., 6-m net.
Pond Nets 19-22 Pond Nets 19, 20, 21, & 22

This net lane traverses a willow-dominated  wet shrub-scrub habitat that requires little or  no active management to remove  taller trees and shrubs. 

Net 19, the near net, is a  another half-length net.

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