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PARC Banding Workshops: General Information

The Powdermill Avian Research Center offers banding workshops throughout the year for individuals wanting to be trained in bird banding or to brush up on skills they already possess. Annually we offer workshops that focus on extraction and banding and a separate workshop that focuses more on ageing using molt limits. We are interested in adding a MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) workshop in the summer if there are enough candidates.

Our workshops cost $750 per person and include both housing and food throughout the morning. We offer a discount rate of $450 for a limited number of students or early professionals each workshop. Our workshops are limited to a maximum of 6 (beginner) to 9 (advanced) participants to maximize one-on-one training with bird in-hand experience.

The Extraction/Banding Workshop is designed for individuals with little or no banding experience, and focuses on banding ethics, banding methodology, safe handling of birds and extraction of birds from mist nets. Participants will be introduced to molt terminology, learning to age passerines using molt limits, and the Pyle Guide (Identification Guide to North American Birds by Peter Pyle).

Participants in the Ageing Birds with Molt Limits Workshop are expected to be proficient in handling and extracting birds from nets. This workshop focuses on molt terminology, learning to age passerines using molt limits, and interpreting the Pyle Guide. This workshop is an excellent primer for the NABC (North American Banding Council) Bander Certification as we will cover topics in the NABC banding handbook and study guide.

The MAPS Workshop is appropriate for intermediate- to advanced-level banders who currently operate a MAPS station or who would like to establish and operate a MAPS station. Topics covered will be the same as in the advanced workshop but will also cover MAPS protocol.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please fill out the workshop Google Form. Submission of the google form does not guarantee a place in the workshop. Space is limited, therefore priority will be given to those with opportunities to continue to utilize the skills we teach through work or volunteering.

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