July 2003



It's a Red-bellied Woodpecker (juvenile female)

Wednesday-Sunday, July 2-6, 2003: Bird of the week, by far, was American Redstart (24 banded).  Prior to 20 June virtually all of the AMREs we banded were SY males (20 out of 23, the other three being SY females), and none of these was in the company of juveniles.  Since then, only four SY males have been banded compared to 11 ASY males (plus another three recaptured ASY males)--the majority of the latter have been accompanied by one or more recently fledged juveniles.   Presumably, the earlier push of SY AMREs represented birds that were failed breeders, while the latest movement has been of successful nesting birds (mostly ASY males and about equal numbers of SY and ASY females) drawn to the productive and protective wet shrub-scrub habitats in our banding area for the critical post-fledging and molting periods.


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