Fall 2006
November Beginner Bander Development Workshop; Sharp-shinned Hawk (juvenile and adult spread wing, eye color comparison); Rusty Blackbird (HY male); Ovenbird; Rufous Hummingbird (foreign recovery); Am. Tree Sparrow; Eastern Screech Owl, Golden Eagle (blind construction, transmitter, release); American Goldfinch (10,000th fall bird) 
October Blue-winged Teal (HY female); Palm Warbler ("Western" and "Yellow" comparison); Eastern Screech Owl; Fall Scenes; Northern Parula; Hermit, Swainson's, and Gray-cheeked Thrush comparison; Cape May Warbler (adult male); Orange-crowned Warbler (prob. orestera); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (leucistic HY female); Cedar Waxwing (late juvenile); Veery; Rufous Hummingbird (adult male in Gibsonia)
September Crisp Pond Sunrise; "Lawrence's" Warbler (adult male); Connecticut Warbler (adult male); Worm-eating Warbler (HY); Pine and Prairie Warbler; Canada Warbler (adult male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (adult male, Cairns subspecies); American Redstart (dull HY female); Blackburnian Warbler (HY female/male compared); Northern Parula (HY female/male compared); Hooded Warbler (molting adult female with fledgling); Acadian and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher comparison; Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female orange underwing); American Woodcock (adult male, molting wing); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (ASY/SY female with arrested molt); highlights from Giorgi Darchiashvili's visit to Powdermill 
August Orchard Oriole (HY male); Golden-winged Warbler; Cerulean Warbler (HY male and female); Marsh Wren (juvenile); Savannah Sparrow (HY); Great-crested Flycatcher (HY); American Redstart (adult male); Black-and-White Warbler, Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird (HY male/female compared); Mourning Warbler (adult/immature female compared); Blue-winged Warbler (adult male); Black-throated Green Warbler (juvenile male)


Summer 2006
July Red-bellied Woodpecker (juvenile male and female); Yellow Warbler (juvenile in molt); Chestnut-sided Warbler (HY male and adult female); American Redstart and Black-and-White Warbler (in molt); Veery (juvenile with adult female - worn tail); Least Flycatcher (SY migrant); Northern Rough-winged Swallow; White-eyed Vireo, Tufted Titmouse, Northern Cardinal (local juveniles)
 June Wilson's Warbler (worn wing); American Redstart (immature SY male, wing molt); Louisiana Waterthrush (wing molt); Black-and-White Warbler (adult female, wing molt); Hairy Woodpecker (HY male); Red-winged Blackbird (HY); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male, underwing photo); misc photos from Black-crowned Night Heron banding on Wade Island; misc photos of methyl mercury sampling; Green Heron (adult male, plumes, close up of eye)

Spring 2006
May 2nd Half Philadelphia Vireo and Warbling Vireo (wing showing length of P10); Tennessee Warbler (throat staining); Canada Warbler (very bright adult female, typically plumaged immature male, adult male); Mourning Dove (HY); Cape May Warbler (immature female); Doug Gross w/ Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Orchard Oriole (immature male); Scarlet Tanager (female); Savannah Sparrow; Cedar Waxwing (very bright and waxy adult male, large wax tips on tail); Kentucky Warbler (dull immature male); Magnolia Warbler (dull immature female, wing molt limits); Carolina Wrens(bag of fledglings); Blackpoll Warbler (adult male and immature female)
May 1st Half People Pic Thank You's (Margaret, Simone); Magnolia Warbler (adult male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (adult male); Golden-winged Warbler (adult female); "Brewster's" Warbler (adult male backcross, immature female); Yellow-breasted Chat (orange breasted variant, immature male, adult female); White-throated Sparrow (morph comparison); Wood Thrush (3rd wing and x-ray); Veery; White-crowned Sparrow; Chestnut-sided Warbler (adult male and female); Longwood at Oakmont group visit; Baltimore Oriole (adult male, tail comparison with immature male); Hooded Warbler (immature male,incomplete hood); Belted Kingfisher (adult and immature wing comparison); Pileated Woodpecker; Lincoln's and Swamp Sparrow comparison; Cerulean Warbler (adult female); advanced workshop group pic 
April Chipping Sparrow; snow scene; Beginner Bander Development Workshop pics; Rusty Blackbird (AHY female, immature male, underwing molt limits); Tree Swallow; Brown-headed Cowbird (male and female, brood parasitism discussion); Yellow-rumped Warbler (immature male); Eastern Bluebird (adult male); Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (adult female); Hermit Thrush; Gray Catbird; Black-throated Green Warbler (immature male); Solitary Sandpiper; foreign retrap Blue Jay; Least Flycatcher and friends; Kentucky Warbler (adult male); Wood Thrush; Marsh Wren; Red-breasted Nuthatch; Cooper's Hawk (immature male w/ lock-on band, release); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (adult male)
March Red-winged Blackbird (adult male); Black-capped Chickadee (immature wing and tail); SCA crew; Field Sparrow; Meadow Vole attack; American Goldfinch (adult male prealternate molt)


Winter  2005/2006 Highlights Include:
February Super Sunday; Pine Siskin; Northern Cardinal (female recapture); Winter Summary
January Wacky weather rainbows; White-breasted Nuthatch with cheek growth; Steelers Black and Gold-finch
December American Goldfinch (adult female/male and HY female/male wing and plumage comparisons); Brown-headed Cowbird (HY female and male, underwing molt limit); Swamp Sparrow; Red-bellied Woodpecker (HY male); Northern Flicker (HY male)


Fall 2005
November 14 - December 04 Mourning Dove; Red-winged Blackbird (female); Rufous Hummingbird - Beaver County adult female(bird in trap, in hand, and with homeowners); American Goldfinch (adult male with black cap); Golden-crowned Kinglet (adult female with orange in crown); Dark-eyed Junco (recap highlight)
November 01-13 Beginner Bander Development Workshop pics; Yellow-rumped Warbler (HY male hooveri/coronata comparison); Yellow-rumped Warbler (yellow crown patch and 15 rectrices); White-throated Sparrow (orange lores); Hairy Woodpecker (HY female); Sharp-shinned Hawk hesitant release; Dark-eyed Junco (adult male); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (HY male orange crown); White-throated Sparrow (wing molt limit); Rufous Hummingbird (adult female. Connellsville); Northern Saw-whet Owl (one owl, 13 people); Gray Catbird and Winter Wren bill deformity/injury 
October 25-30 early snow storm/late fall pictures; banding by lamplight, net lane maintenance, outdoors group banding photo, autumn over Crisp Pond; White-throated Sparrow; American Tree Sparrow (adult); Purple Finch (adult female, extensive partial albinism); Pine Siskin (HY)
October 18-23 Tennessee Warbler (HY); Nashville Warbler (adult female); Orange-crowned Warbler (HY female); Wilson's Warbler (HY female); Golden-crowned Kinglet (male); Purple Finch (brightly colored HY male); Northern Flicker (HY male/female); Red-breasted Nuthatch (adult female, retained secondaries); Savannah Sparrow (HY); Rusty Blackbirds (HY females, population trend graph for Powdermill); Northern Saw-whet Owl trio
October 11-16 Eastern Bluebird (adult female); Yellow-rumped Warbler wing (active molt); Cape May Warbler (HY male/female); Scarlet Tanager (HY male); Black-capped Chickadee (bill deformity and five year old recap/broad tail); Blackpoll Warbler (HY female with Pine Warbler comparison); White-crowned Sparrow (adult); House Finch (HY female); Fox Sparrow
October 4-9 Fall Foliage, Black-throated Blue Warbler (adult and HY male, HY wing); Gray-cheeked Thrush (HY wing molt limit); Magnolia Warbler (adult male); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (adult tail); Black-throated Green Warbler (adult wing in molt); American Goldfinch (adult wing in molt); Hermit Thrush (adult female in heavy molt); Red-eyed Vireo (unextensive wing molt); Indigo Bunting (HY); White-crowned Sparrow (HY); American Robin; "Yellow" Palm Warbler ("western" comparison); Northern Parula (HY male); Orange-crowned Warbler (male); Northern Waterthrush; Blackpoll Warbler (HY male); Pine Warbler; Connecticut Warbler (weight gain history); fat Blackpoll Warbler; Prairie Warbler (HY female); Annie banding
September 27-Oct 2 Bander Development Workshop; Common Yellowthroat; Black-throated Blue Warbler females (very dull HY vs. AHY); American Redstart (very dull HY female); imm. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker; Golden-crowned Kinglet; imm. male Prairie Warbler; Brown Creeper (camouflaged against tree bark); Bay-breasted Warbler (ad. male); Hermit Thrush; Orange-crowned Warbler (imm. female, western subspecies V. c. orestera); Red-bellied Woodpecker (imm. female); Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoo (HY birds) with details of the feet, beak, and mouth lining of the YBCU; Raptor Gallery (Cooper's Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Eastern Screech Owl - Red Phase)
September 20-25 Dark-eyed Junco (HY female); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (HY female); Yellow Warbler (HY female, western subspecies); Black-throated Green Warbler (HY female); Blackburnian (HY male); Cape May Warbler (HY male); Indigo Bunting (wing photos and molt discussion); Brown Thrasher (adult and HY eye)
September 6-18 Rose-breasted Grosbeak (HY, M/F gynandromorph); Palm Warbler (HY female); Adult male photo gallery: Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager, Blue-winged Warbler, Black-and-White Warbler, Connecticut Warbler, Wilson's Warbler, Mourning Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler; HY photo gallery: Sharp-shinned Hawk (male), Lincoln's Sparrow, Gray-cheeked Thrush, Philadelphia Vireo, Nashville Warbler (male).
August 2nd Half Confusing fall warblers - Blackpoll (adult female); Blackburnian Warbler (HY female); Bay-breasted Warbler (HY female); Cape-May Warbler (HY female); Empidonax flycatcher key - leg color, p6, Acadian, Least, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (cute, cuter, cutest); Baltimore Orioles (HY trio), (adult female, asymmetrical tail); Warbling Vireo (HY); Pine Siskin (HY); Ovenbird (adult spread wing); Great-crested Flycatcher; Canada Warbler (adult male, HY female compared); Goldstein visitor pics 
August 1st Half Maine Coastal Island Seabird Slideshow; Belted Kingfisher (juv. female); Eastern Kingbird; Baltimore Oriole (HY male); Purple Finch (adult male worn plumage); Blue-headed Vireos (SY male and female); Indigo Bunting (wing molt quiz); Northern Parula; Veery tarsal sheath; Northern Flicker (HY male); Chimney Swift; Common Grackle (HY male juvenile plumage); Blue-winged and Brewster's Warbler comparison

Summer  2005
July Brown-headed Cowbird (juv.) with Red-eyed Vireo (adult female); Scarlet Tanager (extra feathers); Hooded Warbler (adult and HY females with extensive hood); Scarlet Tanager (juv. female, orange body plumage); Yellow Warbler (HY with orange pigment); Honeysuckle berries; Yellow Warbler (molting juv.); American Redstart (delayed plumage maturation); Brown Thrasher (HY);  Northern Waterthrush; Black-and-White Warbler (HY female); Chestnut-sided Warbler (HY male); Hairy Woodpecker (juv. male damage)
June summer field research at PARC (SOSP, LOWA, bioacoustical); Kentucky Warbler and Yellow-throated Warbler (SY male); American Redstart (SY male, molting wing); Baltimore Oriole (worn tail); Northern Parula (SY male); Scarlet Tanager (SY male, incomplete prealternate); American Redstart (SY male tails); Downy Woodpecker (juv. and adult crown comparison); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (adult male); BioForay Highlights; Ivory-billed Woodpecker (well, sort of!)

Spring 2005  
May 24-June 5 Olive-sided Flycatcher; Broad-winged Hawk (third year male); White-eyed Vireo (SY); Green Heron (ASY male, plumage characteristics); Shadyside Academy group; Mourning Warbler (adult male); Northern Flicker (bag breakout); Red-winged Blackbird/Baltimore Oriole bill comparison 
May 3-22 American Redstart (ASY male); Yellow-throated Vireo; Canada Warbler (SY male);  Indigo Bunting (ASY male); Mourning Warbler (ASY male); Warbling Vireo; Wilson's Warbler (ASY male); Cape May Warbler (ASY male); Brewster's Warbler (ASY male); Blue-winged Warbler (SY male); Golden-winged Warbler (SY female); Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; Magnolia Warbler (sev. plumages); Orange-crowned, Nashville, and Tennessee Warbler compared in a group photo; Cerulean Warbler (SY female); Gray Catbird (and egg); Pileated Woodpecker (spread wing)
April 20-May 1 Yellow-rumped warbler wing and tail plumage; Red-eyed Vireo; White-eyed Vireo; Spotted Sandpiper; Common Yellowthroat (SY male); Tree Swallow; Prothonotary Warbler (ASY male); Brown Thrasher; Northern Rough-winged Swallow; second spring Bander Development Workshop
April 1-17 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (After third year male); Eastern Bluebird (adult female); Belted Kingfisher (imm SY female); Eastern Towhee (SY eye); Black-capped Chickadee anal fluke; Red-winged Blackbird scaly leg; White-throated Sparrows (prealternate molt); Louisiana Waterthrush (adult male); beginner bander workshop pics
March Fox Sparrow; Pseudoscorpion: Red-winged Blackbird (adult male); House Finch (imm. SY male); Eastern Phoebe (imm. SY)

Highlights include:
February Puerto Rico trip highlights; Annie Lindsay and Georgia birds (Bachman's Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite, Henslow's Sparrow, Red-headed Woodpecker)
January Yellow-rumped Warbler (adult female); Red-winged Blackbird (imm. SY male) underwing coverts and spread wing molt limits; Owl banding trip to Duluth, MN (installment 2) including: Great Gray Owl and Northern Hawk Owl landing on BC trap; Great Gray Owl capture and processing videos; Barred Owl and Boreal Owl; misc. Duluth bird pics
December Owl banding trip to Duluth, MN (installment 1) including: Great Gray Owl and Northern Hawk Owl photos; Northern Shrike (imm. unknown sex); misc. MN people pics; Great Gray Owl release

Fall 2004 Highlights include:
November 9-21 Northern Saw-whet Owls (pyramid, sawing logs); American Robin (imm. extensive juv. plumage); Blue Jay (adult); Rufous Hummingbird (adult male, Erie; adult female, Indiana); Common "bronzed" Grackle (adult male); Carolina Chickadee (recapture adult, 'this is your life')
November 2-7 Golden-crowned Kinglet (adult male); Northern Sew-whet Owl (tale of three owls - 2 adult females, atlas t-shirt, adult male - wrentail); Northern Saw-whet Owl ear; Pine Siskin (adult)
October 26-31 American Tree Sparrow (adult); American Woodcock (imm. male); Sharp-shinned Hawk (imm. male in weighing cone); Lunar Eclipse photos; Northern Saw-whet Owl and eclipse; ladybug invasion; Rusty Blackbird (imm. and adult male, eye and underwing molt comparison); Dark-eyed Junco (adult male, J.h. cismontanus)
October 19-24 Nashville Warbler (adult male); Purple Finch (adult female); Carolina Wren (immature and annual fall totals chart); White-crowned Sparrow (adult); Happy OWL-oween Northern Saw-whet Owl; Silver Haired Bat
October 12-17 White-crowned Sparrow (imm.); Song Sparrow (deformed bill); Fox Sparrow (adult); Yellow-rumped Warbler (ad. female and male, side and upper tail covert comparison); Purple Finch (adult); Blue-headed Vireo (adult); Savannah Sparrow (adult,wing and claw); Red-bellied Woodpecker (adult male, 4 pic series)
October 5-10 Brown Creeper equipment; Dark-eyed Junco (imm. female); Orange-crowned Warbler (ad. male); Lincoln's Sparrow (imm., partial albinism on wing); Eastern Phoebe (imm., bill deformity); Black-capped Chickadee and irruption graph; Cape May Warbler (imm. male); outdoor banding demo at nature center
Sept. 28-Oct. 3 group photos from fall bander development workshop 2; Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (imm. male); 235th! fall Hooded Warbler (ad. male); Eastern Towhee (ad. male); Pigeon pics; Rusty Blackbird (imm. female); Hermit Thrush (imm.); Black-throated Green Warbler (ad. male); Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (imm.); Buckeye Butterfly; Palm Warbler (imm. and ad. eye color comparison); White-throated Sparrows (white morph, tan morph, and orange lores)
September 21-26 Black-headed Grosbeak; Rufous Hummingbird (imm. female, Sargent trap); Pileated Woodpecker (imm. male); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (imm. female); Tennessee Warbler (ad. male); Connecticut Warbler (ad. male); Bay-breasted Warbler (ad. male, imm. male and female); Gray Catbird (leucistic claws); Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (imm. unknown sex); Sharp-shinned Hawk (imm. female); Hooded Warbler with hoverfly
September 14-19 Allegheny Front Migration Observatory visit; Red-bellied Woodpecker (imm. male, barbed tongue); Hairy Woodpecker (imm. female); Winter Wren (imm.); "Western" Palm Warbler (imm female); Yellow-rumped Warbler (imm. female); Baltimore Oriole (imm. male); Eastern Screech Owl (imm., outer margin of the wing primaries); Black-and-White Warbler (adult male); White-throated Sparrow (imm.); Indigo Bunting (ad. female, very worn wing - ad. male, full fresh basic plumage); Eastern Bluebird (imm. female and male); Connecticut Warbler (ad. male); group photos from fall bander workshop 1
Aug. 31-Sept 12
Page 1
David Norman and Mary Gustafson w/ Hooded Warbler; American Woodcock (outer three primaries on wing); Canada Warbler (adult male); Baltimore Oriole (imm. male, wing molt limits); Song and Swamp Sparrow (comparison of immatures); Savannah Sparrow; Cape May Warbler (imm. male and female); Scarlet Tanager (imm. male wing and tail molt limits - ad. male, orange flecking); Hooded Warbler (extensively capped imm. and ad. females); American Redstart (bright orange ad. male)
Aug.  31-Sept. 12
Page 2
Blue Jay (imm.); Yellow-billed Cuckoo (imm.); Northern Mockingbird (imm.); Wilson's Warbler (imm. male); Tennessee Warbler (ad. female); Golden-winged Warbler (ad. female); Blackpoll Warbler (ad. male); Philadelphia Vireo (imm.); Yellow-throated Vireo (imm.); White-eyed Vireo (imm.); Blackburnian Warbler (ad. male); Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (imm.)
August 24th Blackburnian and Cerulean Warblers (imm. female comparison); Nashville Warbler (imm. female, poss. ridgway race); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (SY male,molting wing); Grasshopper Sparrow (imm. unknown)
August 17th Ruby-throated Hummingbird (ad. male); Northern Cardinal (imm. male, very black face); Common Yellowthroat wing fault bars; Am. Goldfinch (imm. male); Veery (imm. unknown); Northern Parula (imm. male); Mourning Warbler (ad. female and male); Brown-headed Cowbird (imm. female)
1st Half
Spotted Sandpiper (imm.); Louisiana and Northern Waterthrush compared side by side; Cardianl Flower, Jewelweed, and Trumpet Vine; Ruby-throated Hummingbird-pollenhead; Hooded Warbler (imm. male); Green Heron (imm.,powder down); Blue-headed Vireo (ad. female); Northern Cardinal (ad. SY male bright plumage); Least and Acadian Flycatcher (imm., leg color comparison); Confusing fall warblers (Mourning, Blue-winged, Cerulean, Blackburnian, imm. females)

Highlights include:
2nd Half
Canada Warbler (imm. male); Kentucky Warbler (imm. male); Louisiana Waterthrush (recap story of very late molting adult, wing photo); "Wings of Wonder" teachers group from Mexico and Wildlife Habitat Council, Black-throated Blue Warbler (imm. female); Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warblers (imm. females); Worm-eating Warbler (adult female, unworn wing); Black-and-White Warblers (ad. SY males breeding/alternate plumage vs. winter/basic plumage); Gray Catbird (ad. and imm. face comparison); Eastern-screech Owl (imm.); Hoary Bat; Cerulean Warbler (imm. male); Northern Waterthrush (imm.); photo gallery link to summer "baby" pics 
1st Half
American Redstart (juv. male); Clymene and Sphinx moth; Belted Kingfisher (HY female/male and breastbands); Eastern Kingbird (juv.); Orchard Oriole (juv. female); Black-and-White Warbler (juv. female and male); Louisiana Waterthrush (in juv. and 1st basic plumage); Canada Warbler (juv.); Least Flycatcher (SY and ASY with molt limits); juv. House Finch and Purple Finch compared; Golden-crowned Kinglet (juv.); Bluebird with Powdermill kids summer camp; Veery (juv.); Louisiana Waterthrush and Ovenbird (juv. back plumage comparison) 
June Yellow Warbler (molting wing and brood patch); Ovenbird (juvenal plumage); Cerulean Warbler (juv. female and imm. male); Louisiana Waterthrush (imm. female, deformed foot and wing wear); Pileated Woodpecker (juv. male); Bioforay highlights; American Redstart(imm. male, prebasic molt); Green Heron (ad. male), Eastern Wood-pewee (imm. of unknown sex); and a photo gallery link to misc. "baby" pictures

Highlights include:
May 25th Song Sparrow (juvenile); Physiological breeding characteristics (brood patch and cloacal protuberance); Scarlet Tanager (imm. male); Eastern Kingbird (after hatch year female); Great Crested Flycatcher(tail molt discussion); Cedar Waxwing (ad. male, discussion of orange tail coloring of adults); photo gallery link to additional bird pictures (incl. Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Gray-cheeked Thrush, and American Goldfinch)
May 18th Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; Acadian Flycatcher (imm. with yellow mouth lining); Bay-breasted Warbler (imm. female); Indigo Bunting (wing molt comparison - worn imm. female and unworn after-hatch year female)
May 11th Yellow-throated Warbler (imm. female); Scarlet Tanager (ad. and imm. male comparison); Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoos; St. Edmunds school group; Am. Redstart (imm. male); Acadian Flycatcher; Blackpoll Warbler (ad. male); Golden-winged Warbler (imm. male); photo gallery link to additional bird pictures (incl. Spotted Sandpiper, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Canada Warbler)
May 4th Baltimore Oriole (male/female pair); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male/female sexual dimorphism discussion); Orange-crowned Warbler; Chestnut-sided Warbler (ad. and imm. male comparison); American Redstart tail; Veery; Bay-breasted Warbler (imm. male); Cape-may Warbler (ad. female in hand, ad. male in field)
April 27th Sharp-shinned Hawk (imm. male); Blue-winged Warbler (comparison with yellow wing bars crossover hybrid); Prairie Warbler (imm. male); Orchard Orioles (male and female/wing molt discussion); Gray Catbird, odd leg condition; imm. male Indigo Bunting; odd plumage ad. male Magnolia Warbler
April 20th Red-breasted Nuthatch; Solitary Sandpiper; Hooded Warbler; Worm-eating Warbler; Canada Goose family
April 14th Eastern Towhee (discussion on eye color); Brown-headed Cowbird (imm. underwing molt); Red-winged Blackbird wing (retained flight feathers); Tree Swallow, and a banding program first
April 1st Half Brown Thrasher; Belted Kingfisher (spread wing); Chipping and Swamp Sparrow comparison; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (ad. male)
March Fox Sparrow bill comparison; American Goldfinch breeding plumage development; American Robin (ad. spread wings); Eastern Bluebird, Red-winged Blackbird (bright shouldered ad. female) 

Highlights include:
October 13 Eastern Screech Owl (red and gray phase compared); Northern Saw-whet Owl; partial albino White-throated Sparrow; Pine Siskin; American Robin with pox-deformed bill
October 7 Misc. people pics, Fox Sparrow, Henslow's Sparrow (with two extra retrices)
September 29 Pied-billed Grebe; variant Scarlet Tanager; side-by-side comparison of Red-eyed (imm.), Philadelphia (unusually dull), and Warbling vireos; side-by-side comparison of Marsh, House, and Winter wrens; Carolina Wren; Orange-crowned Warbler (imm. male); Common Yellowthroat (ad. male); closeup of fat deposits on a Magnolia Warbler
September 22 Photo "album" from second bander development workshop; Black-billed Cuckoo (imm); Magnolia Warbler (ad. male); Hooded Warbler (ad. male); Winter Wren
September 16 Allegheny Front Migration Observatory; misc. people pics, incl. Steve Hoffman, PA Audubon Bird Conservation Director, holding imm. Sharp-shinned Hawk; Tufted Titmouse (comparison of plumage and tail feather shape bet. simultaneously caught early and late-hatched birds); Closeup of tertial edging color on imm. Ovenbird and Connecticut Warbler; Common Yellowthroat (imm. female with unusually conspicuous eye ring); Indigo Bunting (very worn, unmolted ad. female); Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Belted Kingfisher; Solitary Sandpiper; Wester Palm Warbler; Magnolia Warbler (deformed bill)
September 3 Green Heron (imm. female); Cape May Warbler (comparison of imm. female and male); Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar; Yellow-breasted Chat (orange-breasted variant); Hooded Warbler (three different birds with crossed or otherwise deformed bills); Northern Cardinal (recently fledged juvenile); Golden-winged Warbler (ad. female); Summer Tanager (imm. female); Canada Warbler (ad. male); Blue Jay (juvenile); Hermit Thrush (ad., ASY, male molting heavily); Purple Finch (imm. male, molting into purple-tinged first basic plumage); Downy Woodpecker (SY male wing molt limits); Blackpoll Warbler (imm. unknown sex); Wilson's warbler (imm. male); Gray Catbird (w/strongly crossed bill); Kentucky Warbler (pox lesions and other scarring on tarsometatarsus and toes).
August  Ruby-throated Hummingbird (ad. male molting gorget); Yellow-bellied/Acadian Flycatcher comparison; Acadian Flycatcher mouth color; Yellow-breasted Chat (plus closeup of "eccentric" wing molt limit); Mourning Warbler (ad. female--2 photos); Blue-winged Warbler (imm. male/female comparison--2 photos); Louisiana Waterthrush; Least/Traill's Flycatcher comparison; Tennessee Warbler (ad./imm. male comparison); Northern Cardinal (juv. bill color comparison); Red-eyed Vireo (unusual head molt); Song Sparrow (juv./ad. comparison, with closeup of tail fault bars/tail wear); Blackburnian Warbler (molting ad. female); Magnolia Warbler (molting ad. male); Acadian Flycatcher (molting adult--plus closeup of wing); Cerulean Warbler (imm. female); Chestnut-sided Warbler (imm. male); Black-throated Green Warbler (imm. male); American Redstart (ad. male); Mourning Warbler (ad. female)

Summer 2003 Highlights include:
July Northern Mockingbird (ad. male spread wing; demo to group of children; closeup eye color); Red-bellied Woodpecker (juv. female--2 photos); Grasshopper Sparrow (juv./ad. comparison); Belted Kingfisher (imm. female); Kentucky Warbler (imm. wing molt limit); American Redstart (imm./molting SY male comparison); Swamp/Song Sparrow comparison; American Redstart (molting/fresh ad. male comparison); Scarlet tanager (ad. male); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (imm. female); Yellow Warbler (closeup of wing molt); American redstart (closeup of wing molt); Veery (ad. male); Hooded Warbler (with 8 instead of 9 primaries).
June Black-billed Cuckoo (juveniles); Yellow Warbler (juveniles; with closeups of molting wing coverts); American Redstart (closeup of start of wing molt for ASY male and female); Indigo Bunting (bright and dull SY males with wing molt limit comparison); Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (closeup of heavily molting wing); Black-and-white Warbler (SY male and closeup of molting wing); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (SY male and closeup of wing molt limits); Scarlet Tanager (dull and bright SY males and with wing molt limit comparisons); BioForay biodiversity poster; BioForay territory map for Scarlet Tanager; Great Crested Flycatcher

Spring 2003 Highlights include:
May 26 Scarlet Tanager (SY male and ASY female); Blackpoll Warbler (SY and ASY females); Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove, and American Robin  (recently fledged juveniles); Mourning Warbler (SY female); Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; Rose-breasted Grosbeak (SY male with much retained juvenal and basic plumage)
May 19 Magnolia Warbler (in flight); Cedar Waxwing; Canada Warbler (side-by-side male and female); TY molt limits on Northern Flicker and Downy Woodpecker; nestling Louisiana Waterthrush; very dull-colored SY male Baltimore Oriole; American Woodcock; Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; adult male Ruby-throated Hummingbird; juvenile House Finch
May 12 Blackpoll Warbler (ASY male); Yellow-breasted Chat; Olive-sided Flycatcher; Northern Rough-winged Swallow; Barn Swallow; Cedar Waxwing; Yellow-throated Warbler (SY male of yellow-lored race; ASY female of white-lored race); odd plumage ASY female Rose-breasted Grosbeak
May 5 Magnolia Warbler (ASY male); comparison of Philadelphia Vireo and Tennessee warbler male; female Black-and-white, Blackburnian, and Prairie warblers;Mourning Warbler (ASY male); Spotted Sandpiper; comparison of plumages of five male Baltimore Orioles; ASY male Bay-breasted and Chestnut-sided Warblers, and American Redstart; comparison of ASY male and very dull SY male Indigo Bunting; comparison of hybrid Rose-breasted X Black-headed Grosbeak and RBGR; side-by-side male and female Yellow warblers
April 28 Nashville Warbler (ASY male); Indigo Bunting (ASY male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (ASY male); Black-and-white Warbler (ASY male); Black-billed Cuckoo (closeup of eye, bill, and feet); Magnolia Warbler (ASY male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (ASY male); Orchard Oriole (ASY female and SY male, plus spread wings showing molt limits); possible hybrid Rose-breasted X Black-headed Grosbeak
2nd Half
Louisiana Waterthrush (wing molt limit; color-banded bird); Swamp Sparrow (wing closeup showing extra alula feather); closeup of real and pseudo-molt limits of SY Chipping, Swamp, and White-throated Sparrows; Northern Parula (ASY male); Prairie Warbler (ASY male); Worm-eating Warbler; "Yellow" eastern race Palm Warbler; Grasshopper Sparrow; Blue-winged Warbler; Red-eyed Vireo; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher; Belted Kingfisher (comparison of male and female breast bands); Hermit Thrush; Brown Creeper.
1st Half
Miscellaneous people pics (e.g., Drs. David Norman and Lukas Jenni); Northern Saw-whet Owl; Eastern Bluebird (ASY male); Fox Sparrow; Yellow-bellied sapsucker (SY male); Eastern Towhee (ASY male); Louisiana Waterthrush; Ruby-crowned Kinglet
March Miscellaneous late winter/early spring scenery; Yellow-rumped Warbler (SY female in very worn basic plumage, i.e., before any prealternate molt); Fox Sparrow; Chipping Sparrow; Rusty Blackbird (male and female); Red-winged Blackbird (SY male with closeup of underwing molt limits; also an ASY male); House Sparrow (male and female); side-by-side comparison of American Tree Sparrow and Field Sparrow; closeup photo of abnormal molt limit in an ASY Dark-eyed Junco.

Winter  2002-03 
Mixed small animal tracks in snow; American Goldfinch (second year male beginning spring molt); wing molt limits of SY Dark-eyed Junco, SY Northern Cardinal, and 4Y Hairy Woodpecker; winter scene; Blue Jay; male Golden-crowned Kinglet (crown raised); American Tree Sparrow; White-breasted Nuthatch

FALL 2002 Highlights include:
November 27 Dark-eyed Junco (ad. male; 10,000th bird of the year), winter scenery
November 20 Northern Cardinal (male) with snowy evergreens; Mourning Dove (female); Sora (imm.); Sharp-shinned Hawk (imm. male)
November 13 Red-bellied Woodpecker (HY female); Common Grackle (ad. male)
November 6 Saw-whet Owl (SY female); American Tree Sparrow (imm.)
October 30 Saw-whet Owl (imm. male); American Woodcock (unusually heavy imm. female, profile and head-on views); White-crowned Sparrow (adult)
October 23 Fall scenery; Red-winged Blackbird (ad. female; w/plumage detail); Common Snipe (also w/plumage detail); Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (imm. male); Dark-eyed Junco (comparison of bill color of northern and souther races); Marsh Wren; Cedar Waxwing (detail of mixed color tail band of an imm. bird)
October 16 Fall scenery; White-throated Sparrow (orange lored variant); Green Heron; Orange-crowned Warbler; White-throated Sparrow (a VERY bright morph individual in basic plumage, rivaling even the brightest WTSP in alternate plumage); Ruby-crowned Kinglet
October 9 Golden-crowned Kinglet (male and female, with crowns down and raised); Northern (Yellow-shafted)Flicker (incl. closeup and discussion of primary covert wing molt limits); imm. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker; White-throated Sparrow (bright morph imm.); Pine Warbler (ad. female) with comparison photo of Yellow-throated Vireo
October 2 Hermit Thrush (in flight--sort of!); Carolina Wren (relaxed bird-in-hand!); sev. photos of a public banding demonstration at Powdermill's nature center; Hairy Woodpecker (details of beak and zygodactyl toe arrangement); Winter Wren; Rusty Blackbird (comparison of imm. male and female); Brown Creeper; reproductions of skull condition data cards. with lengthy discussion of delayed skull pneumatization as it affects age determination of species like Lincoln's Sparrow and Swainson's Thrush in fall.
September 25 Gray-cheeked Thrush; Lincoln's Sparrow; Eastern Towhee (comparison of eye color of ad. and imm. males); Yellow-throated and Blue-headed vireos; Black-capped Chickadee (actually, a picture of visiting English "ringer" Prof. David Norman holding a BCCH); Marsh Wren; Black-throated Green Warbler (ad. male); Orange-crowned Warbler (imm. female); Dark-eyed Junco (bill color of local breeding race, J. h. carolinensis); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (comparison of arrested molt in ad., SY and ASY, males)
September 18 Hooded Warbler (exceptionally masculine appearing ad. female); Black-throated Blue Warbler (comparison of dull and bright imm. males); Nashville Warbler (ad. male); Black-throated Green Warbler (ad. female) American Redstart(ad. male); Cerulean Warbler (imm. female); Bay-breasted warbler (ad. male); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (ad. male); Yellow Warbler (late migrant imm. female, unknown subspecies); Wilson's Warbler (ad. male); Brown Thrasher (closeup of bright yellow-orange eye of an ad. bird); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (comparison of wings showing arrested, in a second-year bird, and completed definitive prebasic molt); Palm Warbler (imm. female, "Western" race); Yellow-rumped Warbler (imm. female, "Myrtle" race); Cape May Warbler (comparison of ad. and imm. males)
September 11 Bay-breasted Warbler; Cape May Warbler; Yellow-billed Cuckoo (closeup of bill and eye ring of imm. bird); Tennessee Warbler; Hooded Warbler (imm. male with heavily veiled black hood)
September 2 Blue-winged Teal (imm. female), Blackpoll Warbler (imm. female); Common Yellowthroat (comparison of imm. male with a very extensive black mask and ad. male; with a discussion of molt); Connecticut Warbler (head on view of ad. male)
August 26 Ruby-throated Hummingbird (AHY-M) with cardinal flower; juv. Northern Mockingbird; comparison of stub-tailed juvenile and older HY Gray Catbirds banded on the same day; miscellaneous wood warblers grouped together in a single jpeg: HY-M Cerulean Warbler, AHY-M Black-and-white Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler (not a "Brewster's" but with very broad yellowish wing bars), Worm-eating Warbler, Ovenbird
August 19 Comparison of imm. female Wilson's and Hooded Warblers; ad. male Mourning Warbler; ad. male Golden-winged Warbler; ad. female Blackburnian Warbler; Belted Kingfisher (closeup of beak and foot)
August 12 Sharp-shinned Hawk (HY male); Yellow-breasted Chat; Golden-winged Warbler (male); Northern Parula (female); Orchard Oriole (female); Chimney Swift (w/ closeup of foot); Gray Catbird (stub-tailed juvenile)
August 5 Yellow-throated Vireo; Northern and Louisiana Waterthrush (side-by-side comparison, sev. photos); comparison of wood warbler bill shapes (nine species, eight genera); molt limits and alula pattern of HY male Black-and-white Warbler compared to AHY.
August 2 Cerulean Warbler (imm. female); Northern Waterthrush; Downy Woodpecker (comparison of juv. female and male)

Summer 2002 Highlights include:
July Eastern Screech Owl (juv.); Great Crested Flycatcher; Yellow-bellied Flycatcher; Black-and-white Warbler (molt limits and imm. male:female comparison); Cedar Waxwing (juvs. with orange tail bands; ad. with extra wax tips); Scarlet Tanager (ad. female, orange variant); Tennessee Warbler (ad. male); Hooded Warbler (ad. female with extensive black hood; imm. male); juv. Eastern Bluebird; American Redstart (molting SY male); mixed juv. thrushes; imm. Louisiana Waterthrush (with closeup of wing and tail)
June Ovenbird; closeup photos of wings of molting adult American Redstart and Yellow Warbler; partial albino Scarlet Tanager; Golden-winged Warbler; Cerulean Warbler (incl. wing molt limits of an SY male); Yellow Warbler (juvenal plumage)

Spring 2002 Highlights include:
May 20 Emerging 17-year cicada; Scarlet Tanager (SY male with crown raised); Yellow-billed Cuckoo (photos of head, undertail spots, spread wing); Eastern Kingbird; photos of juvenile Carolina Wren, Song Sparrow, and American Woodcock (photo of the last also with an accompanying adult); comparisons of ASY and SY male Baltimore Orioles, Gray-cheeked and Swainson's Thrushes, and Philadelphia Vireo and Tennessee Warbler.
May 13 American Redstart (SY male); Baltimore Oriole (ad., ASY, female); W. Palm Warbler (SY unknown sex; very worn plumage); Blackpoll Warbler (SY male and female); Pine Siskin; Orange-crowned and Tennessee warblers (comparison of females); Eastern Wood-Pewee; Barn Swallow (male)
May 6 Brewster's Warbler (F2 backcross); Magnolia Warbler (ad. males); Clay-colored Sparrow; Indigo Bunting (ad. female; plus molt limits); Orchard and Baltimore Oriole (comparison of SY males); Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler (SY male; plus molt limits); Prothonotary Warbler (ad. male); comparison of Philadelphia, Red-eyed, and Warbling Vireos; Chestnut-sided Warbler (wing closeup showing extra alula and prim. covs.); Golden-winged Warbler (ad. female); Wilson's Warbler (ad. male)
April 29 Canada Warbler (ad. female); Least Flycatcher; Lincoln's Sparrow; Palm Warbler(comparison of  "Western" and "Yellow" race males); Rusty Blackbird and Common Grackle (comparison of females); Solitary Sandpiper; Chestnut-sided Warbler (ad. male); Warbling Vireo; Magnolia Warbler (ad. male); Indigo Bunting (ad. male; also closeup of wing plumage); Canada Goose pair w/goslings; Blue-headed Vireo; Orchard Oriole (female); Worm-eating Warbler;Indigo Bunting (closeup of second-year male wing molt limits)
April 22 Common Yellowthroat (three ad. males); Common Grackle(and its prey, a red-spotted newt); Ruby-throated Hummingbird (and closeup of hummingbird band); Kentucky warbler (ad. male); Yellow-breasted Chat (ad. male); Brown Trasher (comparison of wing coverts of SY and ASY); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (ad. male); American Goldfinch (comparison of SY and ASY males); White-eyed Vireo
April 15 Northern Parula (ad. male); Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (male-female comparison); Yellow Warbler (ad. male); Nashville Warbler (ad. female); Blue-winged Warbler (ad. male); White-throated Sparrow (bright morph, closeup head on); Hooded Warbler (ad. male, closeup head on); color-banded Louisiana Waterthrush; molt limits on Louisiana Waterthrush, Brown Thrasher, and Eastern Towhee
Early April Red-winged Blackbird (female with unusually bright orange "shoulders");Chipping Sparrow; Red-winged Blackbird (comparison of epaulets of unusually bright female, two SY males, and ASY male); Yellow Palm Warbler (SY male; two photos); Black-capped Chickadee (comparison of juvenal and replacement non-juv. tail feathers on the same SY bird)
March Fox Sparrow (sev. photos);Fox Sparrow and Song Sparrow (side-by-side comparison); American Robin; Mourning Dove; House Finch (bright gold variant); American Goldfinch (imm. male molting in first alternate, i.e., breeding, plumage); Eastern Phoebe; Eastern Bluebird

Winter 2001-2002
Highlights include:
February (late) House Finch (dull yellow variant); Red-winged Blackbird (ad. male); American tree Sparrow; Dark-eyed Junco (comparison of juvenal and replacement non-juv. tail feathers on the same bird)
February (early) Red-bellied Woodpecker (posing as a Valentine)
January Northern Cardinal (orange variant); Chipmunk in potter trap  
December White-breasted Nuthatch; Blue Jay

Fall 2001 Highlights include:
November 20 Cattails; American Goldfinch (ad. male); Scarlet Tanager (ad. male; a recovery and new age record)
November 13 House Sparrow (imm. male); Northern Saw-whet Owl (sev. photos); Eastern Screech Owl (sev. photos); Belted Kingfisher; Dark-eyed Junco (imm. female J. h. cismontanus)
November 6 Northern (Yellow-shafted) Flicker (photo of male and wing molt limits of a third-year bird); American Tree Sparrow (incl. table of data from 17 recaptures of the pictured bird over the course of a year)
October 30 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker(adult female); late migrant Nashville Warbler (ad. male) and Gray-cheeked Thrush (imm.); Red-bellied Woodpecker (imm. male, several views); Black-capped Chickadee; Yellow-rumped Warbler (ad. male of Alaskan subspecies, D. c. hooveri); Sharp-shinned Hawk (ad. female, several views)
October 23 Pine Siskins in a mist net; Hermit Thrush (imm.); misc. "Red-Letter" day (third highest daily banding total ever at Powdermill--531 on 10/28) people pics;  Evening Grosbeak (ad. female); Pine Siskin (closeup of wing molt limits); European Starling (imm. male); Yellow-rumped Warbler (Alaskan subspecies, D. c. hooveri); White-crowned Sparrow (comparison of imm. Gambel's and eastern race)
October 16 Winter Wren; "Gambel's" White-crowned Sparrow (imm.); Henslow's Sparrow (ad.); White-throated Sparrow (comparison of bright and dull morphs); Purple Finch (comparison of color variation in ad. females); Field Sparrow
October 9 Yellow-rumped Warbler; Eastern Phoebe; Purple Finch (in net and biting close-up); Pine Warbler (imm. female); Cedar Waxwing (aberrant head molt); Fox Sparrow; Pine Siskin; Swamp Sparrow (bright fall adult male); Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (imm. female with black crown)
October 2 Northern Saw-whet Owl; Orange-crowned Warbler; Ruby-crowned Kinglet (female with partial red crown); late juvenile Black-billed Cuckoo; adult male Golden-crowned Kinglet and Purple Finch; gynandromorph (half male, half female) Eastern Towhee
September 25 Brown Creeper; Yellow-bellied sapsucker (imm. male and female); Prairie Warbler (ad. male); White-crowned Sparrow (imm.); Green Heron; Red-breasted Nuthatch (ad. male); Black-throated Blue Warbler (comparison of imm. and ad. male--ad. male photo same as previous week)
September 19 Black-throated Blue Warbler (ad. male); Purple Finch (SY male wing molt close-up); Scarlet Tanager (fall ad. male plumage variant); Gray Catbird (rare leucistic bird); Marsh Wren; Swainson's Thrush (close-up comparison of wing coverts of ad. and imm. birds); Blue-headed Vireo; White-throated Sparrow; Wilson's Warbler (ad. female, possible western race W. p. pileolata)
September 12 Magnolia Warbler (adult male fall vs. spring plumage); Gray-cheeked/Swainson's Thrush comparison; Cape May Warbler (imm. male); Rose-breasted Grosbeak  (fall ad. male); Hooded Warbler (ad. male)
September 4 Magnolia Warbler (ad. female), Common Yellowthroat (imm. male), American Woodcock, Savannah Sparrow, Blue-winged Warbler (ad. male), comparison of Warbling and Philadelphia vireos; adult male Connecticut Warbler (sev. photos); comparison of imm. Blackpoll and Bay-breasted warblers
August 29 Juv. Grasshopper Sparrow; comparison of Lincoln's Sparrow and juv. Song Sparrow; imm. male Cerulean Warbler; comparison of imm. Mourning and Connecticut warblers
August 22 Comparisons of two "Brewster's" Warbler plumages and of Nashville/Tennessee warblers
August 15 Juvenile Marsh Wren; "Brewster's" Warbler; misc. female wood warbler quiz
August 8 Spotted Jewelweed & Cardinal Flower; molting Swainson's Thrushes
August 1 Solitary Sandpiper; Louisiana and Northern waterthrushes; Song and Swamp sparrows

Summer 2001
Highlights include:
July 2 Molting SY male American Redstart
July 8 Juvenile Eastern Screech Owl and Dark-eyed Junco, orange variant Scarlet Tanager
July 21 Juvenile Cedar Waxwing with orange tail band; imm. female Cerulean Warbler

Spring 2001 Highlights include:
March 28 Comparison photos of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadee
April 10 Green Heron, Brown-headed Cowbird (molt limits), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Ruby-crowned Kinglet
April 17 Hooded Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Savannah Sparrow
April 24 Yellow, Kentucky, Worm-eating warblers, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Spotted Sandpiper, White-eyed Vireo
May 01 Veery, Philadelphia Vireo, "Lawrence's" Warbler, Swainson's Thrush, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Red-winged Blackbird (female), Lincoln's Sparrow, Least Flycatcher, Magnolia Warbler
May 08 Bay-breasted, Cerulean, Blackburnian, and Mourning warblers, Black-billed Cuckoo, Gray-cheeked Thrush, Baltimore andOrchard oriole, Eastern Kingbird, and Scarlet Tanager
 May 15 American Crow, Great Crested Flycatcher, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow Warbler (wing molt limits), Swainson's Warbler
 May 23 Acadian/Willow Flycatcher comparison, Blackpoll Warbler, Northern Cardinal (juvenile), Northern Flicker (incl. closeup of wing molt limits), Mallard
May 29 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (incl. molt limits), juv. male Hairy Woodpecker, SY and ASY Mourning Warbler comparison (incl. molt limits), molting Golden-crowned Kinglet, female Blackpoll Warbler, adult male American Redstart

Fall 2000 Highlights include:
September 25 Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
October 2 Orange-crowned Warbler, Western/Yellow Palm warblers, orange variant White-throated Sparrow
October 9 Common Grackle; Yellow-rumped Warbler; Sharp-shinned Hawk; partial albino Northern Parula
October 17 Rusty Blackbird (female); Common Snipe
October 24 Henslow's Sparrow; Wilson's Warbler; Chestnut-sided Warbler; Eastern Screech Owl; Winter Wren
October 31 American Tree Sparrow
November 7 Eastern Bluebird; American Goldfinch (male and female); Rusty Blackbird (male)
November 14 Evening Grosbeak
November 21 Winter scenes; American Robin (molt limit close-up photo)
November 28 Northern Cardinal